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Publish fearlessly.


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Fear. It shows up in lots of ways and can stop us in our tracks, or at least seriously slow us down. And fear was something I experienced often when I started publishing books as Morning Joy Media over five years ago. Did I know enough to produce files in all the right ways to result in a decent printed book? Would I embarrass myself? Waste a ton of money? Time? And could I figure out how to get the books for sale in places where anyone would buy them? These questions and many others would sneak up on me in bed at night and cause anxiety.

Over the years, through relying on prayer and promises from God along with relentless training, reading, and experience, I’ve learned to cede less ground to the enemy and push forward to do what I’ve been called to do: to work with others to advance the kingdom. Not perfectly, and not completely without fear, but with humility and as much excellence as I can manage. And to keep growing in that calling.

I came across this verse in the Amplified Bible today:

“And [also] most of the brethren have derived fresh confidence in the Lord because of my chains, and are much more bold to speak and publish fearlessly the Word of God – acting with more freedom and indifference to the consequences” (1 Philippians 1:14).

I love the second half: “publish fearlessly the Word of God – acting with freedom and indifference to the consequences.” That’s what I want to do. To push fear to the side and continue to publish books that advance God’s kingdom.

This blog will be another way I work to advance the kingdom – by sharing knowledge and experience I’ve gained to help others. So let me know what questions you have about getting books published. Either comment here, or take this super-short survey, and I’ll work to give you info you can use to do what you’ve been called to do. Publish fearlessly.

photo credit: Sandra Capeci