Wholesale Orders

We’re happy to fill wholesale orders from bookstores and other resellers. When ordered directly through Morning Joy Media, our books have a standard discount of 40 percent and are returnable within 6 months if in saleable condition (a 10 percent restocking fee will apply). Upon your first order, we will require a copy of your sales tax/resale certificate. If you have a UPS or FedEx Ground Collect number you’d like us to use for postage, please provide it; otherwise, we’ll include actual shipping charges in our invoice. Email orders@morningjoymedia.com.

Are you local?

If your store is within 20 miles or so of Spring City, Pennsylvania, we may be able to drop off your order with no postage charge. Email orders@morningjoymedia.com to see if this option will work for you. We also have consignment arrangements with some local businesses.


In addition to availability through online retailers, most of our titles can be ordered directly through Morning Joy Media and are also available through Ingram. In some cases (most notably the Learning to Follow Jesus books and products), bulk discounts are available directly from an organization’s website for non-resale purchases. Email orders@morningjoymedia.com for details.